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Pukehiki Community Recycling Centre

The residents of the greater Pukehiki area have a Recycling Drop-off Depot on Highcliff Road. It is situated at an old quarry site, 600m from Centre Road (heading East).

Every second Saturday morning (8am - 12 noon), two trucks are on site to take items of household recycling: plastics, tin cans, paper/cardboard, and glass jars/bottles.

The Solid Waste Team of the Dunedin City Council has generously provided this facility to the greater Pukehiki Community. The instigation and installation proceeded thanks to efforts from Christine Neill and Christine Garey (Otago Peninsula Community Board). The community is also grateful to Pieter Bloem for providing the land to site the center.

Items Accepted for Recycling:

See below for the dates that the depot is open:

Pukehiki Recycling Calendar

Background: 2013 - 2017

The idea of a Pukehiki Recycling Center was proposed in 2013, generating local discussion on a suitable site.

An initial suggestion was on Highcliff Road opposite Paradise Track, but was considered too remote. The gravel parking area close to Pukehiki Church became a likely site, but was considered unacceptable due to the negative visual impact on the historic precinct. The area beside the Pukehiki Hall was discussed – this was less obtrusive, but considered unsuitable due to access difficulties and potential fire hazard. Alternative locations were suggested: near the Pukehiki 'hairpin bend'; at the start of Buskin Road; the quarry land further down Buskin Road; at the gravel area on the wide bend in Camp Road near Castlewood Road...

Whenever a site was suggested, there was always a reason why it was not suitable, often due to the old familar case of NIMBY. Pukehiki risked losing the opportunity to have a free recycling depot.

Then Pieter Bloem came to the rescue - he offered the use of an old quarry site near his farm. A while later, the Recycling Center was established there, with access available '24/7' from 2014 to 2017.

However, there was a continuing problem of rubbish regularly being dumped at the site. It appeared that people came from town to dump rubbish and unwanted items. In 2017, the DCC decided to change the operation so that the site was open only every second Saturday morning, and is supervised by the drivers of the two trucks. This is the current mode of operation of the recycling site.


Pukehiki Community Recycling Centre