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Pukehiki Hoedown Fun

Pukehiki Annual Hoedown

Pukehiki is famous for its annual Hoedown - a great bunch of like-minded people enjoying each other's company, dancing and a great big feast.

The last hoedown was held on 27th October 2018, and the band was Catgut and Steel


Funds raised are used to assist with the on-going Hall restoration projects.

Click here to see pictures of folk having a fun time at a previous Hoedown.

Pukehiki Hoedown Fun


Movie Nights at Pukehiki Hall

During last Winter, the Pukehiki Hall Society ran Movie Nights. Although the nights were cold, these were enjoyed by all who attend, bringing beanbags, cushions, rugs, hot food, pop-corn, drinks etc.


Restoration Project

Pukehiki District Hall, originally known as Sandymount Volunteer Hall, is the only surviving volunteer’s hall in Otago still in use for the benefit of the local community. In close proximity to the Dunedin City Council’s Harbour Cone property and Larnach Castle, the Hall, along with Pukehiki Community Church and the village Library, plays a central role in the history of the district. In 2007, the Hall celebrated its 120th Birthday, a fitting time for the Pukehiki Hall Society to launch a major fund-raising effort for necessary renovations, ensuring a thriving future for the Hall in our growing community.

Progress of the restoration project was discussed at the Annual General Meeting on 21st May 2013. Minutes of this meeting are available (in PDF format) to view, print, and/or download. PDF icon


Electrical Wiring:

Some of the electrical wiring of the Hall was in a very poor shape - this has now been repaired.

The Pukehiki Hall Society is very grateful to the Otago Peninsiula Community Board for a $1000 grant to assist with this urgently-needed rewiring.

Due to limited funds available, the bulk of the work was done with volunteer labour at Working Bees. See photos of the two Electrical Working Bees.



In the late 19th century, Volunteer Units were created to help with coastal defences of the country in response to the threatened Russian Invasion. At their peak in 1886/7, these units were comprised of members of the community and were loosely based on a basic military training model. The units also functioned as a focus for a social life for volunteers. Parades, dances and concerts featured prominently, hence the interest in building stage facilities in the halls constructed for the units.

Sandymount Volunteer Hall was completed in 1887, in the same era which led to the development of Port Tairoa and the Disappearing Gun. The first of several such halls built on the Otago Peninsula, it is the only one left in its original state. The Sandymount Volunteers appear to have been best known as The Pukehiki Rifle Club. They held highly popular Friday night dances and concerts, a local band was formed to play for social events, and on occasion the Otakou Maori also organised concerts.

In 1910, the formation of territorial units by the New Zealand Defence Department eliminated the need for the local volunteer units. The halls became unnecessary and many were dismantled.

More can be read about the history of Pukehiki Hall on Amanada Nunn's website.


Pukehiki Hall Society Newsletters

Newsletters are emailed to those on the Pukehiki Community email list. However, these are also available to view, download, print, etc. Click on the PDF links below:

PDF iconPukehiki Newsletter, November 2014


Pukehiki Hall Society Meetings

Minutes of the Pukehiki Hall Society Meetings are available to view, download, print, etc.
Click on the PDF links below:

PDF iconMinutes of Meeting, 6th April 2017

PDF iconMinutes of AGM, 11th May 2015

PDF iconMinutes of Meeting, 30th September 2014

PDF iconMinutes of Meeting, 9th September 2014

PDF iconMinutes of Meeting, 3rd April 2014

PDF iconMinutes of Meeting, 18th February 2014

PDF iconMinutes of Meeting, 3rd September 2013

PDF iconMinutes of AGM, 21st May 2013



Print of Painting by Grahame Sydney

As part of a fund-raising for the Hall Restoration project, the Pukehiki District Hall Society offered framed prints of the hall.  This print is of the painting by Grahame Sydney, well known for paintings of New Zealand scenes: www.grahamesydney.com

There is one picture still available at $230.
If you wish to purchase this print, send and email to: info@pukehiki.nz

Print of Painting by Grahame Sydney