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The settlement of Pukehiki is situated atop the Otago Peninsula, near Dunedin, New Zealand.

Its main features are the Church, the Hall, and the Library. Pukehiki is at the intersection of Highcliff Road (the "High Road" from Dunedin to Portobello) and Camp Road (which joins Castlewood Road down to the harbour). Harbour Cone / Hereweka (very much a focal point of the Peninsula) lies 3 km north east from Pukehiki. Also nearby is Larnach Castle, 1.2km north along Camp Road.

The settlement of Pukehiki is steeped in history. Click here for an account of the district's history.


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Local Weather Stations

There are a couple of weather stations in the district that provide comprehensive up-to-the-minute information on weather and climatic conditions, plus forecasts and weather history for the region.

Click below to connect to these weather stations:



Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group

Otago Peninsula Biodiversity

The Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group are constantly working at reducing the possum population on the Peninsula.

What you can do:

Look out for:

Household Tip:
Autumn is a time for mating in possums, leading to a lot of movement as males seek out females. It is also the time for maturity in fruit and nut trees, a sought-after and targeted food source for any possum. So, set your traps under or near these trees, until the produce has fallen. The next seasonal resource to focus on for trapping is winter shelter, especially old macrocarpa trees, gorse, and sheds/garages.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Keep Dunedin Beautiful Award

STOP (Save The Otago Peninsula Inc Soc) won an award for the work done on the Broad Bay slip, especially the work done by John Langley over the last few years.
A copy of the application letter (including photos) is available here.

Paul Pope (Otago Peninsula Community Board) has posted more on his website about the involvement of Otago Peninsula folk keeping Dunedin beautiful.


Pukehiki Recycling Drop-off Depot

Pukehiki now has a Recycling Center - it is located at the old quarry site near Bloem's farm (600m east of Centre Road). The community is grateful to Pieter Bloem for providing the land to site the center.

The depot is open every second Saturday morning, and takes household plastics, tin cans, paper, cardboard, and glass bottles & jars.

The Pukehiki Community supports this venture and is grateful to the Dunedin City Council for providing this service.

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Milky Way over Dunedin - Light Pollution Awareness

Dark Skies over Dunedin

Dunedin is getting new street-lighting in 2016 which are proposed as per the LED lights in Vogel street (see www.dunedin.govt.nz/services/roads-and-footpaths/street-lights-trial). The Dunedin Dark Skies Group are concerned that that these lights are unsuitable for suburban areas because white light has been shown to have adverse health and environmental effects. The group suggests the LED lights under consideration are nearly three times more light-polluting than the present high pressure sodium lights.

Click here for a document on Light Pollution Awareness prepared by Dunedin Dark Skies Group.

The Dunedin City Council invited submissions regarding its 2015-2016 long-term plan. Steve Butler and Mike Broughton of the Dunedin Dark Skies Group made submissions at the hearings. These were well received:

The link below take you to the DCC long-term plan:

See the Pukehiki Community Forum to see or add comments on this topic.


Otago Heritage Bus Society

Otago Heritage Bus Society

Otago Heritage Bus Society has formed a partnership with the Pukehiki Community, and offers exclusive bus charter rates for social functions held at Pukehiki Church or Hall. This is of value to those holding weddings, receptions, birthday parties, etc at Pukehiki.

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Delta Utlity Services

Trees by Powerlines -> Wood chips

Peter Collingwood is in charge of Delta's contract on the Peninsula to cut back trees from powerlines.

Peter is looking for places that want woodchips, and Delta will deliver them free of charge around the Peninsula in truckload quantities. Delta will be dumping at the usual quarry site in Broad Bay (maybe other places for other areas too?)

If you have any trees under the major powerlines (these are only on one side of each street) you can also get them cut back for free (you have to sign for this).

Peter Collingwood's contact details are:
ph 03 4741258, cell 027 4344691